la marmite
la marmite
RESTAURANT LA MARMITE Cuisine Féminine Gourmande Ouvert du Mercredi au Dimanche Midi
           RESTAURANT LA MARMITE                Cuisine Féminine Gourmande                   Ouvert  du Mercredi au Dimanche Midi        


24 * Starter + Main Course or Main + Dessert * Except weekends
33    Starter + Main Course+ Dessert




Sautéed Shrimps with Noodles and Thai Broth

Fresh Duck Foie Gras (from the Farm Village) cooked in a cloth

Warm Camembert Emulsion with Apples and Vire chitterlings sausage



Guinea fowl supreme with crayfish

Sliced Norman duck breast with Tasmanian berries

Stingray Fillet with cappers and yuzu cream


Mature Cheese Board Supplement (4 pieces)  7€


Salted butter caramel Panna Cotta with Chocolate Crumble

Cold Pineapple soup with Lime Ice Cream


  Our desserts requies a preparation time, please order  then at the beginning of your meal thank you


          DISCOVRY MENU 44

Small appetizer




Warm Duck Foie Gras, Strawberries and Tonka Foam

Red Tuna Marinade with Timut Berries

Carrot Cream with crispy Langoustines




Norman Tenderloin Beef with veal sauce perfumed with Truffle Oil

Sea Bream Fillet with bear’s garlic pesto

Haunch of Tender Veal with Bengali’s curry




Mature Cheese Board Supplement (4 pieces) 7€




Matcha-Chocolate fudge with Raspberries Sorbet

Our Paris-Brest with crispy pecan nuts

Strawberries delight




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 du Mercredi  au Dimanche midi

déjeuner de      12H à 14H

diner de         19H à 21H30

3 rue de Florence 76000 ROUEN